The Three Groups Mentioned in Revelation 20:4

The Twelve Disciples, Departed Saints, and Living Saints The groups of individuals mentioned in Revelation 20:4 are the twelve disciples, believers who have died, and believers who are living. They can be identified by means of their parallel passages in Luke 22:29-30; Matthew 19:28; 25:31; Revelation 6:9; 20:5-6; 1 Thessalonians 4:16; 1 Thessalonians 15:22-23 and

How Old is the Earth?

Charts on Genealogie​s Charts on Genesis 1:2 Charts on the Days of Creation See the Meredith G. Kline Article: Because It Had Not Rained See the Mark D. Futato Article: Because It Had Rained Charts on When Death Began and Will End Charts

Book of Revelation (Dissertation)

DOWNLOAD A Critical Evaluation of Dispensational Interpretations of the Book of Revelation Abstract The purpose of this dissertation is to identify the distinctive features of the interpretation of the book of Revelation found in contemporary dispensationalism and to evaluate their exegetical integrity. Since dispensationalism has a pervasive influence in theologically conservative Protestantism, it is imperative