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In the Old Testament Who are the Sons of God?

In the Old Testament the sons of God are heavenly beings who rule over nations (Deut 32:8). Yet they can sin (Gen 6:2-4; Ps 82:2,5) and will be judged for their sin (Ps 82:6) https://www.howthebiblefitstogether.org/files/Gen-6.2-4a-Sons-of-God.pdf

Genesis 2:4-5 as Following the Pattern of Genesis 1:1-2

Genesis 2:4-5 has a similar structure to Genesis 1:1-2: There is a summary statement of what will follow (Gen 1:1; 2:4) which is followed by the existing condition at the beginning of the account (Gen 12:2; 2:5a). Genesis 2:5b then gives the reason for the existing condition of Genesis 2:5a. https://www.howthebiblefitstogether.org/files/Gen-2.4-5a-Same-Pattern-as-1.1-2.pdf

The Chiasm of Ezekiel 43:4-5

Ezekiel 43:4-5 is written as a chiasm with similar vocabulary being used in the first and last lines. The center of the chiasm, which is being emphasized, is that "the Spirit lifted" Ezekiel "up and brought" him "into the inner court.'" https://www.howthebiblefitstogether.org/files/Ezek-43.4-5a-Chiasm.pdf

The Chiasm of Ezekiel 43:2

Ezekiel 43:2 is written as a chiasm with the word "glory" being repeated in the first and third lines. The center, which is being emphasized, is that God's "voice was like the sound of many waters." https://www.howthebiblefitstogether.org/files/Ezek-43.2a-Chiasm.pdf

The Chiasm of Ezekiel 18:30-32

Ezekiel 18:30-32 is a chiasm where vocabulary in the first section is repeated in reverse order in the second. The center is what is being emphasized, "so that iniquity may not become a stumbling block to you" (Ezek 18:30c). https://www.howthebiblefitstogether.org/files/Ezek-18.30-32a-Chiasm.pdf

Which Translation of Daniel 11:45 Makes the Most Sense?

The best translation of Daniel 11:45 is that of the New International Version, "He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him." https://www.howthebiblefitstogether.org/files/Dan-11.45a-NIV.pdf

The Chiasm of Daniel 11:40-45 (NIV)

Daniel 11:40-45 is written as a chiasm where vocabulary from the first section is used in reverse order in the second. The center which is being emphasized lists the three nations which will be delivered from the hand of the antichrist; Edom, Moab, and Ammon, and three nations which he will conquer: Egypt, Libya, and

The 490 Years of Daniel 9:24-27

The 490 years of Daniel 9:24-27 stretch from the decree to restore Jerusalem in 444 B.C. to the second coming of Christ. There is a gap between the sixty-ninth and seventieth weeks in which Jesus was crucified and Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans (Dan 9:26), In the seventieth week the antichrist will make a