A chiasm is a literary structure where the themes of the first section of a passage are repeated in reverse order in the second. Typically whatever is in the center of the chiasm is what is being emphasized. In 1 Kings 1-11, the emphasis is on Solomon building “rival” buildings (1 Kings 7:1-12).AA Prophet Intervenes in the Royal Succession (1:1-2:12)BSolomon Eliminates Threats to his Security (2:13-46)CEarly Promise of Solomon’s Reign (3:1-15)DSolomon Uses Wisdom for People (3:16-4:34)EPreparations for Building the Temple (5:1-18)FSolomon Begins Building the Temple (6:1-38)GSolomon Builds “Rival” Buildings ((7:1-12)F’Solomon Completes Building the Temple (7:13-51)E’Solomon Dedicates the Temple and is Warned by God (8:1-9:9)D’Solomon Uses Wisdom for Himself (9:10-10:29)C’Tragic Failure of Solomon’s Reign (11:12-13)B’Lord Raises up Threats to Solomon’s Security (11:14-25)A’A Prophet Determines the Royal Succession (s11:26-43)1 Bruce K. Waltke and Charles Yu, An Old Testament Theology: An Exegetical, Canonical, and Thematic Approach (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007), 693