There is a parallel between the world that was before the flood and the world that now is. The is a parallel between the language describing the original creation (Gen 1:2-2:2) and that describing the re-creation following the flood (Gen 7:18-8:21). The parallels continue between Adam (Gen 1:26-2:19) and Noah, the new Adam (Gen 7:15-9:6). Adam’s fall (Gen 3:2-15) is repeated in Noah’s fall (Gen 9:20-25). In both worlds there is a conflct between the seeds. In the world that was, Cain’s line was in conflict with that of Seth (Gen 4:17-6:2), whereas in the world that now is, the conflict is seen from Noah’s seed ((Gen 11:4) through the harlot Babel/Babylon that seduces the seed of Abraham down through the ages (Rev 17-18). Both worlds end with judgment. The initial world ended in the flood (Gen 6-8), whereas the current world will end witht the judgment at the second coming of Christ (Matt 24:37-39; 2 Pet 3:7-13)