The books of Daniel and Revelation are unique in their respective testaments for their eschatological emphasis. A unique fact about Daniel is that the first half of the Hebrew canon has almost exactly the same number of words as the second half when Daniel is excluded. Daniel was in a separate category all of it own. Where was Daniel placed in the canon? The last verse of the Hebrew Bible ends with King Cyrus’ command to the Jews to go up to Jerusalem (2 Chr 36:23). However Ezra-Nehemiah was placed immediately in front of Chronicles in the canon to show that the subsequent return after seventy years was a flawed return. Daniel was placed immediately before Ezra-Nehemiah to show that the return would not be after seventy weeks but rather after the seventieth week of Daniel 9:27 which Matthew 24:15-30 shows to be at the second coming of Christ. The book of Revelation is placed at the end of the New Testament as the capstone of all Biblical prophecy.