In the books of Daniel and Revelation there are several references to the final three and one half years of the age. The stage is set for this in Daniel 9:27 where the antichrist will make a seven year treaty with Israel (Dan 9:27a). Half way through this period, after three and one half years, he will break the treaty and desecrate a temple then existing in Jerusalem (Dan 9:27b; 12:11) and will take possession of Jerusalem for the final three and one-half years (Rev 11:2). In reaction to this, the Jews will flee into the wilderness where they are protected from Satan but come under God’s judgment (Rev 12:6,14). The antichrist is able to accomplish this because the archangel Michael who restrains Satan from attacking God’s people will end this protection at this time (Dan 12:1) and will have cast Satan and his angels out of heaven to the earth (Rev 12:7-9). Satan then immediately will give his evil authority in a new unique way to the antichrist (Rev 13:4). This will result in the greatest time of tribulation for God’s people of all time (Dan 12:1). He will make war against the saints and overcome them (Dan 12:7; Rev 13:7). At the end of the three and one-half years, Christ will return to rescue the living saints and resurrect all those who have died (Dan 12:1). Christ will then conquer the antichrist and his allies (Dan 7:26; 9:27). Then God’s people will inherit God’s everlasting kingdom (Dan 7:27; Rev 11:15).